Mass Effect Teammates

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Can you name the Mass Effect Teammates Classes?

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CharacterClassDebut Game
Kaiden AlenkoMass Effect
Ashley WilliamsMass Effect
Garrus VakarianMass Effect
Urdnot WrexMass Effect
Tali'Zorah vas RayyaMass Effect
Liara T'SoniMass Effect
Miranda LawsonMass Effect 2
Jacob TaylorMass Effect 2
Mordin SolusMass Effect 2
JackMass Effect 2
CharacterClassDebut Game
GruntMass Effect 2
SamaraMass Effect 2
MorinthMass Effect 2
Thane KriosMass Effect 2
LegionMass Effect 2
Zaeed MassaniMass Effect 2
Kasumi GotoMass Effect 2
James VegaMass Effect 3
EDIMass Effect 3
JavikMass Effect 3

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