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Santos wins.TV
Norman's mother is actually Norman.Film
Tory, Galen, Saul, and Sam all share a secret.TV
It's not Penny's boat.TV
It isn't Finn's baby, and Terri's baby just isn't.TV
Aeris dies.Video Game
The characters are all the imagination of a death row inmate . . . and the kid did it.Film
His name is really Dick Whitman, and he wasn't a war hero.TV
You know how he's got a chick on the side? Well now it's even worse!Music
Ben is Glory.TV
It was his sled (and a dig at William Randolph Hearst).Film
The house eats Tom.Book
Billy and Stu both did it.Film
Antigonus dies while exiting, pursued by a bear.Theater
It's all in the mind (and snow globe) of an autistic child.TV
Spike dies.Anime
Beaver blew up the bus and killed all those people.TV
The cake is a lie.Video Game
Yossarian Lives.Book
Nina thought she stabbed Lily, but actually stabbed Nina.Film

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