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YearMovie TitleName in Movie
1990Leuitenant Jack Corbett
1990Johnny Ryan
1992Kim Barrett
1993East Driscoll
1993The Man (Egan)
1993Lachlan Currie
1994Jeff Mitchell
1995FBI Agent Zack Grant
1995SID 6.7
1995Alex Ross
1997Officer Wendell 'Bud' White
1997Colin O'Brien
YearMovie TitleName in Movie
1999Sheriff John Biebe
1999Jeffrey Wigland
2000Maximus Decimus Meridius
2000Terry Thorne
2001John Nash
2003Captain Jack Aubrey
2005Jim Braddock/James J. Braddock
2006Max Skinner
2007Ben Wade
2007Detective Richie Roberts
2008Detective Cristofuoro
2008Ed Hoffman
2009Cal McAffrey
2010Robin Hood/Robin Longstride

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