Every MCFC scorer since August 92

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Can you name the Every Manchester City goalscorer since August 1992?

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Date of First GoalPlayerNationality
August 1992English
August 1992English
August 1992Irish
August 1992Dutch
October 1992English
October 1992Jamaican
October 1992English
November 1992English
November 1992English
November 1992English
December 1992English
March 1993Irish
September 1993English
October 1993Northern Irish
December 1993Welsh
January 1994Norwegian
January 1994Irish
February 1994English
March 1994English
March 1994German
April 1994English
April 1994German
April 1994English
October 1994English
January 1995German
September 1995Scottish
November 1995Georgian
February 1996English
February 1996Welsh
April 1996Georgian
September 1996Scottish
November 1996English
December 1996Northern Irish
February 1997English
February 1997Northern Irish
March 1997English
April 1997English
August 1997Dutch
September 1997English
September 1997English
October 1997English
November 1997English
December 1997Georgian
January 1998English
January 1998English
March 1998English
March 1998Georgian
April 1998English
April 1998Bermudian
April 1998English
August 1998Australian
August 1998Scottish
August 1998Northern Irish
September 1998Australian
Date of First GoalPlayerNationality
October 1998Scottish
December 1998Welsh
February 1999English
February 1999English
August 1999Irish
October 1999English
October 1999English
October 1999English
December 1999English
April 2000English
August 2000Costa Rican
August 2000Norwegian
September 2000English
September 2000Liberian
December 2000English
February 2001Russian
August 2001Israeli
August 2001English
September 2001English
September 2001Irish
September 2001Algerian
November 2001French
December 2001English
December 2001Cameroonian
March 2002Danish
March 2002Irish
August 2002French
October 2002Chinese
December 2002Cameroonian
March 2003English
April 2003French
April 2003English
August 2003English
August 2003French
August 2003German
October 2003French
October 2003American
February 2004Dutch
September 2004Irish
December 2004English
April 2005Dutch
August 2005English
August 2005English
October 2005English
November 2005English
February 2006Spanish
February 2006Greek
February 2006English
November 2006Italian
December 2006Tunisian
December 2006Irish
December 2006American
February 2007English
March 2007Belgian
Date of First GoalPlayerNationality
August 2007Italian
August 2007Brazilian
August 2007English
September 2007Bulgarian
September 2007Brazilian
December 2007Nigerian
January 2008Swiss
January 2008English
February 2008Zimbabwean
March 2008English
July 2008German
August 2008Croatian
September 2008Brazilian
September 2008Brazilian
September 2008Welsh
September 2008Belgian
October 2008Spanish
December 2008Ecuadorian
January 2009Argentine
January 2009Welsh
May 2009Bulgarian
August 2009Togolese
August 2009Argentine
September 2009English
September 2009Ivorian
October 2009English
October 2009Paraguayan
December 2009Slovak
January 2010Brazilian
March 2010English
April 2010French
August 2010Italian
August 2010Belgian
September 2010Spanish
September 2010Ivorian
January 2011English
January 2011Serbian
January 2011Bosnian
May 2011Dutch
August 2011Argentine
September 2011English
October 2011French
October 2011Montenegrin
February 2012Chilean
September 2012Spanish
January 2013Portuguese
May 2013English
August 2013Spanish
September 2013Montenegrin
September 2013Spanish
November 2013Serbian
December 2013Brazilian
March 2014Argentine

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