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First leader of the Soviet Union
Hiroshima and Nagasaki are cities in this country
Mountain range north of India
Reasoning behind colonization
First Communist Leader of China
Separate Southern and Western Europe
Most practiced religion of Russia
Type of government in Iran
Dharma, Karma, Reincarnation Religion
Mt. Kilimanjaro is located in this country
Ocean that touches Russia to the North
Holy river of Hinduism
Holds most of China's Population
Most of Australia's Population lives here
Type of government in Turkey
City holy to Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Island split between Turkey and Greece
Most effected by the North Atlantic Drift
Massive rain that blankets South Asia
Had raw materials and strong labor force to start Industiral Revolution
The Middle Way/Avoiding Extremes Religion
In 1949, many Chinese people fled here
Group most responsible for colonizing Africa
Majority of Europeans live here
1,300 miles of Coral and Limestone
Most common government of Europe
One-Child Policy Country
Native people of Australia
The Caste System is part of this religion
Longest Mountain Range in Australia

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