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I ride with souls who find no peace, Still I look to you to find release.
Funny how she always cried out 'Daddy.'
Wonder why the wind keeps blowing you through my mind.
Believe in me and this lie. Tell me everything will be alright, 'cause it's so good to believe.
Who am I? We both don't know.
I know chasing after you won't change a thing and I hope you find it through this endless wandering.
You're guiltless and free, I hope you take a piece of me with you.
Me I'm a fool spent from defiance, Yeah you got me but I didn't give up on you.
It's always the fallen one's who think they're gonna save me.
You stole my soul or I gave it to you.
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I don't see lightning like last fall, When it was always about to hit me.
When I'm with you I feel like I could die and that would be alright.
Well, I never claimed to understand what happens after dark.
And the guy in the pulpit is a biggot and a liar.
If I could bottle my hopes in a store bought scent, they'd be nutmeg-peach and they'd pay the rent.
Do you live the days you go through?
Your voice sounds like money and your face is cute.
Nickles and dimes, yours and mine, did you cash in all your dreams?
There's a knock to his fist as he swings. Oh man, what a beautiful thing.

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