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A blue and red circle contains the team's name; a golden teardrop adorns the top of the circle.
A black letter 'B' within a black wheel with yellow spokes.
A stylized 'P' with black 'feathers' flowing to the left and an orange circle in its center.
Two crossed swords underneath a charging bison on a blue and yellow seal.
A red letter 'N' inside a thin black circle. The 'N' has horns on top and a forked tail underneath.
A snarling silver and blue prehistoric cat faces right.
A discharge of electricity crosses a silver and blue disk, with the name of the team's city sitting up top.
Red and blue letters spell the team's name, with three red stars above the city and a 'T' stylized into a hockey stick next to a red puck.
An orca bursts out of the top half of a blue and silver 'C.'
A skating bird with a hockey stick and a stern expression in front of a gold inverted triangle.
A maroon letter 'A' is circled by a descending puck; the puck leaves a trail of snow.
A crimson automobile wheel with a large feathered appendage.
A red and green bear (or maybe it's a cat?) with the North Star for an eye and a river for a mouth.
A centurion with a gold helmet and a red robe next to gold and black laurels.
A smiling Native American with face paint and feathers looks to the viewer's left.
A circle containing an orange and white hockey stick and puck above the team's name. The seal itself is orange and blue, with a map of part of the team's home state.
A silver crown with purple highlights, the crest of which features crossed hockey sticks.
A blue, winged musical note flies to the viewer's left.
A red and black puck spins within a red, white and black spiral with sharp points.
A howling red desert canine.
A red, white and blue shield featuring the name of the team at an angle.
A green star with gold borders. The north tip of the star also forms the 'A' in the team's name.
A teal predatory fish takes a bite out of a hockey stick while swimming out of an inverted triangle.
The state flag of Ohio wraps around a five-pointed silver star.
A blue leaf containing the team's name in white lettering.
An orange webbed foot in the shape of a 'D.'
A big cat lunges at the viewer, claws extended and fangs bared.
A large red 'C' containing a smaller white 'H.'
A combusting red 'C.'
An aircraft on top of a leaf inside a roundel.

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