Words Made From Turkmenistan

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Can you name the words that can be used from any of the letters of Turkmenistan by their definition?

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A central hall in a modern (or Roman) building leading off to other rooms
A portable structure made of cloth, usually seen at a campsite
To stay or continue
Moon of Saturn or main feature of the game 'Age of Mythology'
A student or stays away from school without reason
A yellowish fluid stored in the bladder
A mental condition where a person struggles to communicate or form relationships
Wrongly conceived, held or done
A mechanical tool or implement, or an apparatus for making noise
In a state of mind that prevents normal behavior, perception or social interaction
A person that enters or takes part in something, maybe a talent show
A source of nourishment, especially in food
A dull or lusterless surface (____ paint, _____ complexion etc.)
A young cat
Obtain money in return for labour or as a prize
A name that a person has in common with other family members
A small remaining quantity of something
A long, flat bone in the centre of the chest, supports the collarbone and ribs
A remark made to anger, wound or provoke someone
Broadcast or send out (an electrical signal)

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