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Find the limit of (x+4)/(x^2+6x+8) as x approaches -4.
Find the derivative of 3x^2+6x+5
If f(x)=tan((x+5)/(x+3)), find the value of f ' (3)/(sec^2(4/3))
Find dy/dx if x^2+y^2=9
Write the equation of the tangent line to the graph y=x^2+5 at x=1 in the form y=mx+b
A point at which the second derivative of a function is zero is known as the function's ____________ point.
Find the acceleration of a particle whose position function is p(t)=4t^3 at t=4
Find the derivative of 5^x at x=0. Express your answer in terms of natural logarithms
Find the integral of x^6+5x^4. Assume C is zero
Let V be the volue of the solid that results when the region between the curve y=x and the x-axis, from x=0 to x=1, is revolved around the x-axis. Find V/pi.

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