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DescriptionMain CharacterAppeared in First
Forest fairy that sells mapsMajora's Mask
Pirate that helps Link on his questThe Wind Waker
A sacred Kokiri treeOcarina of Time
The princess's secret identityOcarina of Time
Royalty in HyruleThe Adventure of Link
Lon Lon Ranch's ownerOcarina of Time
A human version of the beast, also the king of thievesOcarina of Time
A wise owl who gives out adviceOcarina of Time
Awakens the green heroLink's Awakening
A member of the Twili people who guides LinkTwilight Princess
A witch who lives in Mysterious ForestLink's Awakening
Loses her memory after she is capturedTwilight Princess
Ship that carries Link on his questThe Wind Waker
An evil wizard trusted by the royal familyA Link To the Past
Appears and disappears in Lost WoodsOcarina of Time
Lover of the innkeeperMajora's Mask
The hero's navigator, a fairyOcarina of Time
Hero's friend, Forest SageOcarina of Time
Zora princessOcarina of Time
Goron kingOcarina of Time
DescriptionMain CharacterAppeared in First
Hero in a green tunicThe Legend of Zelda
The force behind the maskMajora's Mask
The hero's horseOcarina of Time
Beast that opposes the heroThe Legend of Zelda
Travels Hyrule to collect and sell his waresMajora's Mask
An unkind leader of the Kokiri TribeOcarina of Time
Grouchy ranch workerOcarina of Time
The princess's nursemaidThe Legend of Zelda
An energetic and overly serious public servantMajora's Mask
Teaches link hidden skillsTwilight Princess
Stock Pot InnkeeperMajora's Mask
The magical cap Link wearsThe Minish Cap
Ranch owner's daughterOcarina of Time
Owner of the bar in castle townTwilight Princess
A younger version of the heroOcarina of Time
The villain, ruler of twilightTwilight Princess
Descendent of wise menA Link To the Past
Princess the hero savesThe Legend of Zelda
Royalty in HyruleThe Adventure of Link
Zora bandMajora's Mask

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