Science Fiction Novels of the 1960s

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Can you name the following Science Fiction Novels of the 1960s given all occurrences of one letter?

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PatternFull TitleAuthor
-a- --a----Clifford D. Simak
---- ----- --- B----Thomas M Disch
C--- C-----Kurt Vonnegut
D---Frank Herbert
-- -------- --e-- -- E-e----- --ee-Philip K Dick
G----'- -----Vernor Vinge
H--h----Brian Aldiss
-i----i-- -- -i------Robert Sheckley
--- J--- ------Norman Spinrad
---kPhilip K Dick
--- L--- ---- -- --------Ursula K Le Guin
--- M-- -- --- ---- ------Philip K Dick
----n--- -n - ----n-- --n-Robert A Heinlein
---- -oo-! ---- -oo-!Harry Harrison
--- ---- --pp---Robert Silverberg
------- --Q-----E E 'Doc' Smith
----r--Stanisław Lem
--- S------ss S---- ---Harry Harrison
T-----Robert Silverberg
U- --- ----Robert Silverberg
-------------- --v-Kurt Vonnegut
--- ---w--- W----J G Ballard
--- ---- --xPoul Anderson
-----yJohn Wyndham
--- Z-- ---Philip K Dick

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