Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Part 1: Ac-Am)

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Can you name the Guardian's 1000 films to see before you die (Ac-Am)?

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Prescient satire on news manipulation, with Kirk D...Billy Wilder
A goofy detective turns town upside-down in search...Tom Shadyac
Prolific Japanese director Ichikawa scored a bulls...Kon Ichikawa
Ferrara's comic-horror vision of modern urban vamp...Abel Ferrara
An insurance adjuster and his film-censor wife-who...Atom Egoyan
Peter Weller plays the titular scientist/surgeon/i...WD Richter
The supreme Robin romance, with Technicolor hues f...Michael Curtiz, William Keighley
Joseph K's travails influence this tale of a data ...Martin Scorsese
Wild-eyed Klaus Kinski is a 16th-century explorer ...Werner Herzog
[FILMTITLE]'s comic philosophy is simple: let there ...David Zucker
Japanese anime's unarguable classic compensates fo...Katsuhiro Ôtomo
Russian nationalism, a battle on the ice and some ...Sergei M. Eisenstein
Often misappropriated as some kind of Loaded reade...Lewis Gilbert
The Czech surrealist's part live-action, part stop...Jan Svankmajer
Dirty realism and sexual symbolism combine to bril...Ridley Scott
This story of grieving mother Cecilia Roth finding...Pedro Almodovar
A textbook lesson in saying two (or more) things a...Douglas Sirk
Song-and-dance man Fosse's grandly ambitious, auto...Bob Fosse
The ink on Nixon's resignation letter was barely d...Alan J Pakula
Ground-breaking sci-fi thriller/fable about a hard...Jean Luc Godard
Peter Shaffer's smash stage-play, imagining a plot...Milos Forman
Brash, harrowing and melodramatic, Carax's movie c...Leos Carax
Parisian life took on a fresh romantic sheen when ...Jean Pierre Jeunet
Crisply written, lustrous-looking satire on the Am...Sam Mendes
Richard Gere, dressed by Armani and objectified by...Paul Schrader
Where were you in '62? asks George Lucas in his on...George Lucas
Gene Kelly is a would-be painter in Paris - becaus...Vincente Minnelli

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