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I'm A Believer - Hallelujah- True Love's First Kiss
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Cox's Rant - Guy Love
Big Yellow Joint - It Ain't Easy Bein' White - The Final Countdown
Into The River - Jayne & Zoe - You're Not A Reaver
Zihuatanejo - So Was Red - His Judgement Cometh
Canyonero - The Monorail Song - Happy Birthday Lisa
Lyman Zerga - $160 Million Chinese Man - Claire de Lune
The Black Rider - The Forbidden Pool - Twilight And Shadow
North Of The Wall - You Win Or You Die - The Pointy End
The Bureaucrat Song - Robot Hell - The Kwanzaa Rap
You've Got A Friend In Me - Andy's Birthday - Soldier's Mission
Take Her To Sea, Mr Murdoch - An Ocean Of Memories - Hard To Starboard
What Would Brian Boitano Do? - La Resistance - Up There
The Sheriff & His Witch - Everything I Do (I Do It For You) - The Final Battle At The Gallows
Win One For The Reaper - Crocodile Locke - I've Got A Plane To Catch
Be Prepared - This Land - King Of Pride Rock
Remember Us - Fight In The Shade - Tree Of The Dead
Lemon's Theme - Muffintop - Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
As Time Goes By - Medley: Paris Montage - Medley (Die Wacht Am Rhein/La Marseillaise)
The Power Of Love - Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - Johnny B. Goode
Cantina Band - The Land Of The Sand People - The Walls Converge
Annie's Song - Christmas Infiltration - Pierce You Are A B
Shipoopi - The Freakin' FCC - Road To Rhode Island
The Chess Game - Fluffy's Harp - Entry Into The Great Hall and The Banquet
Death Camp - Logan & Rogue - The X-Jet
If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Love You 'Til The End - Galway Girl
Claire - Mohinder - Kirby Plaza
Fish Custard - The Time Of Angels - The Sad Man With A Box
He's A Pirate - Bootstrap's Bootstraps - The Medallion Calls
The Goblin Returns - The Mugging/Peter's Turmoil - M.J's New Life

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