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Tetbre Eifl
Wstee Tnigh
Kgmian Msimeeor Fo Su
Nyrtouc Tfcroom
Igirnan No Nasduy
Eoyu'r Otn Eaoln Gohnitt
Uyo Ookl Dogo Ni Ym Trhsi
Emos Ayds Yuo Tgoat Cneda
Rhwee Hte Kbptolac Sned
Othgs Ni Shti Rugait
Pmhnueso Elvo
Oobynd Kidnrs Elaon
Veli Ot Vole Ratheon Ayd
Odbysmeo Keil Uyo
Eth Darh Awy
Fi Veer I Ucdlo Oelv
T'si A Elov Hgnit
Tub Ofr Teh Crega Fo Ogd
Wtn'o Elt Yuo Wdno
F'moesdre Yalflin Neim
I Dtlo Ouy Os
He'ss Otagt Eb
Sheet Rea Hte Sady
Ouy (Ro Mobysedo Kile Ouy)
Upsidt Byo
R'yueo Ym Trbtee Alhf

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