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My brother has a new car.
It looks as if the black penguin is grumpy.
You want a cake?
French is difficult! Help!
My orange car is old.
The white computer is wet. Why is that?
I think that sport is easy. Oh yeah?
It's unfair!
I should buy a new car, I think.
She is soft.
I would like a red piano.
Leyna is scared.
He goes to the old port.
I'm at ease.
Do you want to take the purple bus or the yellow train?
I've got a new bed.
She should not be disappointed. This is great news. ( great news= une super nouvelle)
It's a theater.
I'm really scared.
It's hard but you should make it, I'm not worried. (make it= réussir)
You go to the new school. (a school= une école)

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