The Prisoner of Azkaban Characters by First Line

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Can you name the The Prisoner of Azkaban Characters by First Line?

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First Line Spoken/SoundedCharacterChapter
'Vernon Dursley speaking.'1
=Feeble hoot=1
'Wow, Hermione!'1
'Very true.'2
'Where's my Dudders?'2
'Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard.'3
'There you are, Harry.'3
'You've got him, Minister!'3
First Line Spoken/SoundedCharacterChapter
'Did you really blow up your aunt, Harry?'4
=Mad spit=4
'That's enough, now.'4
'Marvelous, absoloutely spiffing.'4
=Trollish chuckle=5
'Well, look who it is, Potty and the Weasel.'5
=Trollish chuckle=5

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