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Can you name the animals from their stuffed animal features?

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Stuffed Animal's FeaturesThe AnimalChoices
Long and white teeth, orangeish color, tail, tufts of fur on neckTiger, Beaver, Rat, Lion, Hippopotamus
Grey and white, big nose, pink and furry ears --Wallaby, Wombat, Koala, Frigate Bird, Sloth
Mostly brown, puffy tail, fur on sides of headOpossum, Raccoon, Otter, Beaver, Wallaby
Brownish reddish fur, four paws, can roll into a ballPorcupine, Echidna, Armadillo, Vole, Hedgehog
Multicolored, fin on the back, pointy snoutSeahorse, Sea Urchin, Cuttlefish, Squid, Tortoise
White with grey stripes, big wings, grey beakBlue Jay, Eagle, Egret, Owl, Puffin
Mostly black and white, three-toed feet, long and thin beakCow, Puffin, Ostrich, Albatross, Penguin
Long black whiskers, extra orange fur around neck and end of tail, pink triangular noseWeasel, Mink, Lion, Tiger, Chimpanzee
Red bandanna on neck, floppy ears, four pawsCat, Dog, Oxen, Monkey, Buffalo
Mostly brown, rather long tail, big muzzleGorilla, Human, Squirrel, Bush Baby, Monkey
Stuffed Animal's FeaturesThe AnimalChoices
Long body, lots of teeth, greenSry, no choices!
Mottled green and brown, yellow underside, giant eyelidsSry, no choices!
Brown, velcro wings, two tiny feetSry, no choices!
Red belly, short yellow beak, flat and large tailSry, no choices!
Longish curved beak, long yellow legs, mostly pinkSry, no choices!
Pink nose, very very short tail, long earsSry, no choices!
Antlers, mostly brown, two big black nostrilsSry, no choices!
Mostly blue, tusks, four flippersSry, no choices!
Orange and white, long and plump, half-fur covered eyesSry, no choices!
Orange and white, triangular ears, white tipped tailSry, no choices!

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