Gary Oak's pokemon. Smell ya later Ashy boy!

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Can you name the Gary Oak's pokemon. Smell ya later Ashy boy!?

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Gary's starter
Defeated Ash's Pikachu
Defeated an Alakazam
Owned Team Rocket with a single Thunderpunch
Bigger than the one Ash caught!
(He) was no match for Mewtwo
Beat Giovanni's Kingler, but again no match for Mewtwo
Not seen very much, but it helped stop Team Rocket one good time.
(She) defeated Ash's Tauros, but was taken out eventually by Snorlax
Taken out by a fluke by Ash's oddball Heracross.
One of his toughest, but was ultimately defeated by Charizard.
Rock type, beat by Ash's Charizard
What a trickster this bird is.
Gave to Crystal after saving it.
Attempted to by stolen in D&P.

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