Mario Items, Ememies, and Characters by Fist Appearence

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Can you name the games which each Mario character first appeared in?

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CharacterGameExtra Info
MarioMario's original name was Jumpman, but his name was soon changed to Mario.
LuigiWhen Luigi first appeared he was a palette swap for Mario, but soon had his own sprite.
Princess Peach/ToadstoolPrincess Peach was called Toadstool until Yoshi's Safari, but the name Peach didn't catch on until Super Mario 64.
BowserBowser seems to be the main antagonist, but he helps out in some games such as Super Paper Mario.
YoshiYoshi was first green, three more colors were added to the game which Yoshi first appeared in. in more recent games such as Mario Super Sluggers there are Yoshis colored green, yellow, blue, light blue, pink, and red.
ToadToads appear in different colors like Yoshis, Nokis, Piantas, and Majikoopas.
DaisyPrincess Daisy seems to be exactly like Peach, but with opposite, yet equal features.
KamekWhen Bowser was young Kamek was his babysitter. That proves that Majikoopas are one of the longest living Mario species.
Bowser Jr.Bowser Jr. much resembles Baby Bowser, except that Bowser Jr. has a mouth on his bib.
Donkey KongDonkey Kong varies from villain, to hero, to villain again. Sometimes I don't know what side he's on.
Diddy KongHonestly I don't know what to say about Diddy Kong.
WarioOr Wario.
WaluigiOr Waluigi.
KoopalingsI can say something about the Koopalings. They have changing names just like Peach. From Hip and Hop to Lemmy and Iggy. it's Not that hard to keep up with because they changed in Super Mario World
GoombaAre Goombas good or bad?
Koopa Troopa/ShellcreeperSame with Koopas. Good or bad?
Donkey Kong Jr.Donkey Kong Jr. was in Super Mario Kart, yet Donkey Kong was not.
ToadetteToadette is the only Toad that is definitely female. Even the purple Toads could be male.
CharacterGameExtra Info
ToadsworthToads worth is the only know brown Toad.
RosalinaRosalina is just weird, confusing, and weird, and confusing. Did I mention she was weird? And.....
NokiNokis are playable characters in some games and in some games they just walk around.
PiantaPiantas are just like Nokis. They play or they walk around.
Monty MoleMonty Moles greatly resemble Rocky Wrenches form Super Mario Bros 3.
BooBoos are ghosts which dwell in mansions, castles, and buildings known as Ghost Houses or Boo Houses.
King BooIn Mario Super Sluggers King Boo is found in Wario City with most of the Koopa Troop.
Piranha PlantThe piranha plants started as being green, but are more common red.
Petey PiranhaIn Mario Sports Mix basketball, at Daisy garden Petey is the basket
Shy GuyShy Guys resemble Waddle Dees from the Kirby series.
Super MushroomThe super mushroom was given eyes in Super Mario Bros 3.
Fire FlowerThe fire flower shoots a fireball.
Ice FlowerThe ice flower shoots an iceball
StarmanThe star man makes you invincible for a few seconds
HammerIn some games the hammer is a limited, constantly slamming power-up and in some games it is thrown when you attack with a hammer suit.
1-Up MushroomIn Super Mario Galaxy, 1-up mushrooms are sold with life shrooms by occasional Lumas.
Mini MushroomMini mushrooms grant the player the ability to walk on water along with shrinking.

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