DNA repair - MMR

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How are replication errors usually corrected?
What 2 Ms can MMR repair?
How is the old strand recognised in E Coli?
Which dimer binds to the mismatich?
What stablises this binding?
What does this complex activate, which then locates the methl and nicks the oposite strand?
What exsises the damaged strand?
With the help of...
What fills the gap?
And what ligates the nick?
What forms of MutS occur in eukaryotes?
What forms of MutL occur in eukaryotes?
What is the role of PCNA?
What function does MutSalpha have?
What identifies the new strand in eukaryotes?
What enzyme does MutL provide nicks for?
Which cancer can be cause by defective MMR genes?
What proportion of the world's population is affected by this?
What percentage show MMR defects?
How many cases are there per year?
How many deaths?

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