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What did Marie want to name Walter and Skyler's daughter?
What disease does Walter Jr. have?
What is the name of Gus Fring's chicken joint?
What is the proper scientific name for crystal meth?
What is Gale Boetticher? (Food Diet)
What is Saul's real last name?
What do Walter and Jesse use to melt and dissolve bodies?
What are the names of 'the cousins?'
What business do Walter and Skyler buy to launder money?
What is the purity of Walter and Jesse's blue meth?
To whom does Ted Beneke owe more than $600,000
What city is Hank in when he sees Tortuga's head on a turtle?
Who plays Mike Ehrmantraut?
Where is Bogdan from?
What is Wendy's son's name?
What fake name does Jesse give to the little boy in the episode 'Peekaboo?'
Where is Gus from?
Walter states that Gale makes the best what in the world?
What is the name of the plant that Walter uses to poison Brock?
What are the two elements shown in the opening of every episode?

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