Careers for Women (in Shakespeare)

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Can you name the jobs by the examples of Shakespearean women who pursue them?

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Nerissa* (Merchant of Venice)
Francisca (Measure for Measure)
Lychorida (Pericles)
Margery Jourdain (2 Henry VI)
Gertrude (Hamlet)
Portia* (Merchant of Venice)
Helena (All's Well that Ends Well)
Phebe (As You Like It)
Maria (Twelfth Night)
Doll Tearsheet (2 Henry IV)
Aemilia (Comedy of Errors)
Mistress Overdone (Measure for Measure)
Mistress Quickly (several plays)
Luce (Comedy of Errors)
Imogen* (Cymbeline)
Marina (Pericles)

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