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Can you name the Shakespearean characters by their relationships?

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Malcolm's father
Hamlet's stepfather
Mamillius's mother
Katherine of Aragon's ex-husband
Mark Antony's brother-in-law
Sebastian's sister
Young Martius's grandmother
John of Gaunt's son
Miranda's uncle
Oberon's wife
Shylock's daughter
Isabella's brother
Katherine of France’s fiancé
Adriana's mother-in-law
Menelaus's ex-wife
Henry VI's widow
Simonides's granddaughter
Tybalt's aunt
Celia's cousin
King John's nephew
Brabantio's son-in-law
Imogen's stepbrother
Young Lucius's grandfather
The Countess of Rousillon's daughter-in-law
Edgar's half brother
Edmund Mortimer's father-in-law
Calpurnia's husband
Leonato's niece
Petruchio's sister-in-law
Palamon's kinsman

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