Shakespeare vs. Harry Potter

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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by the Shakespeare roles played by the same actor?

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Shakespeare charactersHarry Potter characterActor
Coriolanus (2010)
Duchess of York (Richard III, 1995); Portia (Merchant of Venice, 1972); Desdemona (Othello, 1965)
Duke of Buckingham (Richard III, 1995)
Maria (Twelfth Night, 1996); Margaret (Much Ado About Nothing, 1993)
Olivia (Twelfth Night, 1996); Ophelia (Hamlet, 1990)
Hamlet (2009)
Tybalt (Romeo and Juliet, 1978)
Sir John Falstaff (Henry V, 1989)
Shakespeare charactersHarry Potter characterActor
Berowne (Love's Labour's Lost, 2000); Hamlet (1996); Iago (Othello, 1995); Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing, 1993); Henry V (1989)
Portia (Merchant of Venice, 1980)
Gertrude (Hamlet, 1996)
Petruchio (Taming of the Shrew, 1980)
Don Adriano de Armado (Love's Labour's Lost, 2000); Rosencrantz (Hamlet, 1996)
Beatrice (Much Ado About Nothing, 1993); Princess Katherine (Henry V, 1989)
Richard II (1997)

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