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Can you name the Shakespeare plays that fit these categories?

Updated Oct 10, 2014

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Name a Shakespeare play that...Play(s)
Has a character named Antonio
Is based on source material by Chaucer
Is NOT usually classified as a history play, but contains at least one scene set in England
Has a woman's name in the title
Is set in Athens
Has a heroine who cross-dresses
Features Mistress Quickly
Has a female character who practices witchcraft
Has a major character who is a bastard
Includes a lookalike pair of twins
Has a ghost
Features a play within a play
Has a character who is a Moor
Is entirely in verse
Has a character who is pregnant or gives birth during the play
Is based on Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans
Has a film version directed by Kenneth Branagh
Has a character who is attacked by a wild animal

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