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Kenan RockmoreKenan and Kel
Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants
Stu PicklesRugrats
Phil FunnieDoug
Ernie PottsHey Arnold!
Nigel ThornberryWild Thornberrys
RockoRocko's Modern Life
Stu BenedictAdventures of Pete&Pete
Squidward TenticlesSpongebob Squrepants
Didi PicklesRugrats
Bob PatakiHey Arnold!
Lois FoutleyAs Told By Ginger
Conroy BlancRocket Power
Drew PicklesRugrats
Oskar KokashkaHey Arnold!
Marty GreenHey Arnold!
Marianne ThornberryWild Thornberrys
Paula HutchisonRocko's Modern Life
Ralph BigheadRocko's Modern Life
Rancid RabbitCatDog

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