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c. 1000 - Sailed from Greenland to Vinland
c. 1450 - Vila do Infante, patron of Portuguese exploration
1487-88 - Cabo De Beuno Esperanza
1492 - King of Reconquista Spain
1492 - Sailed the Ocean Blue - 1493 Stole all I could see
1497 - Italian discovering North America for England
1497-99 - Around Africa to Spice Islands and back to Portugal
1499-1502 - New Continents named for Me?
1500-10 - In an attempt to sail around Africa, ended up finding Brazil for Portugal
1513 - No Fountain for me in La Florida
1513 - Isthmus of Panama and Pacific Ocean
1519-1521 - Conquerer of the Aztecs
1520 - Tranlating Nahua woman
1520 - King of Aztecs killed before 'la noche triste'
1519-1522 - Circumnavigation cut short in the Phillipines
1524 - Italian sailing for France, mapping Eastern Seaboard of North America
1528-36 - Marooned in La Florida with Esteban, would travel through American Southwest before getting back to Mexico.
1532-33 - Conquerer of the Inca
1533 - The Ransom and Execution of this Incan King
1534 - 35 - Explorered the St. Lawrence Seaway
1539-42 - Died along the Mighty Mississippi
1540-42 - Two years wasted searching of the Seven Cities of Gold and Cibola.
1542 - Explorer of the Amazon
1576-78 - Three fruitless voyages to North America for the English Crown.
1579-81 - Claimer of North American West Coast for England
1609-1610 - Without finding the Northwest Passage in a river with my name or in a bay, my crew left me there to die.
1609 - Frenchmen who paddled around New York and established trade.
1673 - One of two Great Lakes region explorers, this one the trader.
1673 - One of two Great Lakes region explorers, this one the priest.
1682 - Frenchmen to claim Mississippi river valley for France.
1741 - Danish Sailor who claimed Alaska for Russia and ended up with a strait and a sea named after him.

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