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He's a beast, he's a dog, he's a mother fuckin problem/OK, you're a goonA Milli
Bitch swallow my words, taste my thoughts and if its too nasty3 Peat
No lie bitch, I'm flyer than a pet canary. I'm a dog on da beatD.O.A.
I mean a bitch, She never met her best friend or sister, I leave her pussy microsoft like Swag Surfin'
Ciroc and Lime, Give it a little time, She gon'I Can Transform Ya'
We can get it poppin', like a semi-automatic, and if you got beef I putIce Cream Paint Job
If you **** fly then I must be para-sailing, we are not the same, I'mNo Ceilings
The LyricsFinish the LyricSong Title
Still remixin' with one of these vixens, Make herDrop It Low
And now we murderers 'cause we kill time, I knock her lights outBedRock
C'mon Mama let the Carter make ya, toss ya like a fruit saladFireman
Like the Red Sea, I wear red like roses, Go against me and Last of a Dying Breed
I shoot like I'm from overseas, So call my gun Gunovich, Weezy F Baby and theGo Hard
Excuse me if I'm late but like a theif it takes Dr. Carter
Call me lil' astronomical, Weezy F Baby and the Yes

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