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Solomon becomes king
the song of Deborah begins
Fall of Samaria (722-1 BCE)
Fall of Judah (587/6)
Isaiah's prophetic call narrative
Fall of Jerusalem
David as king of Judah
'Behold, a virgin will conceive'
dividing the Promised Land begins
Jehoiakim burns Jeremiah's scroll
treaty w/ the Gibeonites
God's glory visibly leaves Temple
Hannah's Song
Jeremiah's Laments begin
Jereboam becomes king of Israel, new religion
Isaiah's 'Book of Comfort' begins
covenant renewal at Shechem
Flight to Egypt
Elisha succeeds Elijah
Jeremiah's prophetic call narrative
the Gideon story begins
Ezekiel's prophetic call narrative
Saul anointed as king
Elijah vs. 450 prophets of Baal
David anointed as king
Nathan, 'you are the man'

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