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* 5-letter colour *
An area between two cross streets
Sir Isaac _____
A small stream
A household tool used for sweeping
A male wedding participant
The plural of a Sergio Aragones comic character
Grass does this in a lawn
Part participle of the previous rung
* 5-letter colour *
Used for designing muscle
Past participle of a word for sketching
Water goes down this
This grows on farms
The area between the legs
Dutch word for the next rung
* 5-letter colour *
A specific southeastern European nationality
A small stream
A sound usually heard in haunted houses
With 'havoc', to cause destruction
The remains of a sunken ship
Floating marine vegetation
To hit hard
A hut or cabin
A burst of electric energy
A wooden block
A young bird
Opposite of thin
To fool another
Trains run on this
To follow the trail of
Rapper Obie _____
Worn out; cliché
Authors do this
* 5-letter colour *

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