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Can you name the phrase or word that combines the Before and After clues?

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Inquisitive primateMade cooking easy for all. He boxed a little too.
Dorothy, Rose, Blanche & Sophia (TV show)Duran Duran hit song
Hip Hop pioneerHe kills you in your dreams (Movie villain)
Dancing reality tv showWeight loss reality tv show
Classic courtroom drama (movie)Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith
Assassinated US PresidentFast food chicken chain
'Italian' RestaurantAdam met Eve here
Parisian LandmarkBiblical Landmark
They make the WhopperSteve Martin wrote a song about him
Liberty City, Vice City, San AndreasBuy or sell a vehicle on this site
Long running sketch comedy TV seriesRoger Moore-James Bond Movie
Caped Crusader & his sidekickHe stole from the rich
Lays' potato chip assertionLongshot phrase
Former NBA sharpshooterThe Champagne of Beers
Principle of retributive justiceFamous 'Rocky III' song

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