Name the U.S States by Stereotype

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Can you name the U.S States by their common Stereotypes?

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Cheese, Ice Fishing, Flannel
Gambling, Hotels, Prostitution
Funny Accents, Mosquitoes, Cold
Autumn Leaves, Safe, Educated
Lobster, Horror Writers, Lighthouses
Pizza, Corruption, Windy
Crabcakes, Lacrosse, Catholics
Fatty Food, Peaches, Very Conservative
Beaches, Beautiful People, Earthquakes
Fried Chicken, Horse Races, Everyone's Related
Mormons, Polygamy, Clean Living
Corn, Corn, Corn
Elitist, Very Liberal, Irish Drunks
Guidos, Crowded, Giant Landfill
Rich, Preppy, Lots of White People
Cajun Food, Swamps, Jazz Music
Cars, Unemployment, Crime
National Parks, Outdoor Living, Unabomber
Hippies, Drugs, Lots of Forests
Potatoes, Farms, Empty
Rednecks, Alligators, Racists
Amish, Shoofly Pie, Ugly People
Rude People, Skyscrapers, Busy
Bad Drivers, Boats, Napoleon Complex
Very Hot, Illegal Immigrants, Golfing
Illiterate People, Moonshine, Trailer Parks
Pineapple, Hula Dancers, Luaus
Coffee Shops, Grunge, Slackers
Eskimos, Cold, Crazy Politicians
Indians, Tornadoes, Farmers
Southern Drawl, Country Music, Hills
Cowboys, Oil, Republicans
Mountains, Always Cold, Everyone Skis
Incest, Bad Teeth, Hillbillies
Palm Trees, Old People, Tourists
11th Province of Canada, Maple Syrup, Quiet
Racing, More Corn, Soybeans
Mexicans, Deserts, Government Secrets

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