Legend of Zelda Bosses by Dungeon

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Can you name the Legend of Zelda bosses by their dungeons?

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Dragon Roost CavernThe Wind Waker
Cave of FlamesThe Minish Cap
Desert PalaceA Link to the Past
Wind Fish's EggLink's Awakening
Snowhead TempleMajora's Mask
Temple of WindPhantom Hourglass
Fire TempleOcarina of Time
Eagle LabyrinthLegend of Zelda
Tower of HeraA Link to the Past
Lakebed TempleTwilight Princess
Earth TempleThe Wind Waker
Island PalaceThe Adventure of Link
Turtle RockLink's Awakening
Temple of IcePhantom Hourglass
Gnarled Root DungeonOracle of Seasons
Manji LabyrinthLegend of Zelda
Hyrule CastleFour Swords Adventures
Ancient TombOracle of Ages
Jabu-Jabu's BellyOcarina of Time
City in the SkyTwilight Princess
Dancing Dragon DungeonOracle of Seasons
Tower of WindsFour Swords Adventures
Woodfall TempleMajora's Mask
Fire TempleSpirit Tracks
Spirit TempleOcarina of Time
Eastern TempleFour Swords Adventures
Snake LabyrinthLegend of Zelda
Poison Moth's LairOracle of Seasons
Snow TempleSpirit Tracks
Parapa PalaceAdventure of Link
Temple of DropletsThe Minish Cap
The MoonMajora's Mask
Wing DungeonOracle of Ages
Tail CaveLink's Awakening
Forest TempleSpirit Tracks
Forsaken FortressThe Wind Waker
Ice PalaceA Link to the Past
Mutoh's TemplePhantom Hourglass
Palace of WindsThe Minish Cap
Forest TempleTwilight Princess
Mermaid's CaveOracle of Ages

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