Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Medals

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Can you name the Multiplayer medals in Uncharted 2?

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Beat any map in 15 min. or lessCo-op (Obj.)
Claim a kill after you yourself have diedCompetitive
3 stealth killsCompetitive
Damage 5 enemy players and let a teammate claim each killCompetitive
Kill an enemy player by exploding a propane tankCompetitive
Kill 3 soldiers with a single grenadeCo-op
5 melee killsCompetitive
Complete one Multiplayer gameCo-op
Your team scored the TreasureCompetitive (Plunder)
Long-gun(s) + 5 killsCompetitive
4 kills in quick successionCompetitive
Stealth-kill 5 soldiersCo-op
Snipe-kill 3 soldiers in quick successionCo-op
Kill an enemy player shooting at your teammate(s)Competitive
2 kills in quick successionCompetitive
Kill the enemy team's Treasure carrierCompetitive (Plunder)
Glass Jaw + 5 killsCompetitive
Kill 3 soldiers by exploding a carCo-op
5 kills + Come Get Some boosterCompetitive
Capture 5 territoriesCompetitive (Chain, KotH)
Final kill of the gameCompetitive
3 kills with a single explosionCompetitive
First kill of the gameCompetitive
2 melee killsCompetitive
5 kills in quick successionCompetitive
Kill a climbing/hanging enemy playerCompetitive
10 kills without dyingCompetitive
Invalid + 5 killsCompetitive
Assist in defeating 50 soldiersCo-op
Pistol weapon(s) + 5 killsCompetitive
Veiled + blindfire + 5 killsCompetitive
3 headshot killsCompetitive
Kill 3 soldiers with one RPG rocketCo-op
Kick an enemy player off a ledgeCompetitive
Achieve Combo Level 10Co-op
Kill a soldier who is choking a teammateCo-op
Kill 3 soldiers by exploding a propane tankCo-op
Beat any Crushing mapCo-op (Obj.)
Revive your teammate(s) 5 timesCo-op
Half Loaded + 5 killsCompetitive
5 stealth killsCompetitive
Kill the enemy Treasure carrier just as they are about to scoreCompetitive (Plunder)
5 kills while inside the HillCompetitive (KotH)
Zero deathsCompetitive
Kill 5 enemy players damaging your Treasure carrierCompetitive (Plunder)
Pull an enemy player from a ledgeCompetitive
Melee-kill 5 soldiersCo-op
Be revived 10 times in a gameCo-op
Kill an enemy player in the knockdown state with a pistolCompetitive
15 kills without dyingCompetitive
20 kills without dyingCompetitive
Kill the last enemy player that killed youCompetitive
End an enemy player's StreakCompetitive
5 blindfire killsCompetitive
5 kills without dyingCompetitive
The enemy team loses with a score of 0Competitive (Plunder)
3 kills from at least 70m awayCompetitive
Complete one Multiplayer gameCompetitive
First to grab the TreasureCompetitive (Plunder)
Pick up 5 treasuresCo-op
Kill an enemy player with a pistol while hangingCompetitive
3 kills in quick successionCompetitive
3 kills each with pistols, long-guns AND explosives in a single game (total 9 kills)Competitive
5 deaths in a row without getting a killCompetitive
Kill ALL players on the opposing teamCompetitive

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