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'Not Jim, he's a different guy. I brought them down to THE gym to get some workout.'
'Triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle, triangle...triangle!'
'...big issues in that lower department...'
'I'd like to make a shout out. SHOUT OUT!'
'I don't even say that anymore!'
'Hey, Lou, can I give you a blow job?'
'He's not an endurance man....Take it or leave it.'
'I've tried to go for a bit of a smarter look. So I'm just trying to be a bit more serious.'
'I like girls who have a nice, pretty face.'
'Don't call a girl obsessed when she's in love.'
'I love Sugarscape more than any other sweetener.'
'I'd be Niall, cause I wonder what goes on in his head sometimes.'
'...cause cats like fish....'
'Yes, I like every type of cheese!'
(on where he sees himself in 20 years): 'My hairline recedes!'
'That was a love bite from Louis Tomlinson.'
'Nobody can touch our fans except for us. Sorry, we get jealous easily.'
'If you carry bananas with you when you drive, you can throw them at people.'
'Signing my first autograph was quite awkward because I didn't have one.'
'There's no towels in this place, so I just use toilet roll.'
'Sorry Mum!'
'The laptop, it's missing!'
'DJ Malik, DJ Malik.'
'3, apple, game!'
'As you all know, I'm a boy of very few words. Thank you.'
'The fun is all in the chase.'
'What's the crack-a-lacka-doo-doo?'
'Now, to the untrained eye, this may look like a giant baby group, but we think it's goddamn cool!'
'Not a beak, but the peak, of their fitness.'
(In response to a bandmate saying they'd be invisible as a superpower): 'You already are, haha!'
'I'm going for 1:58'
'To know that you can have such a massive effect on somebody's life is really overwhelming.'
'Zoe will be eating fruit off my naked body!'
(according to a fellow band member, he says this when they walk past paparazzi): 'Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.'
'And I can see in the dark!'
'I got my trousers pulled down in a service station by Louis Tomlinson!'
(what he can't live without): '...my heart.'
'Niam is definitely real.'
'If it's legal, I'll marry food.'
'I try to be cool, but I'm not very good at it.'
(on which band member he'd be for a week): 'I'd be Max!'
'Daisy Hills.'
'I never admit defeat!...Liam, you win...'
'I dedicate 'I Want' to Nandos.'
'Two minutes, dead. Wha!'
'Move in with your aunty and uncle in Bel-Air!'
'Cheeseburgers and jelly babies.'
'Louis has smelly feet.'
'He's talking ****! I'm the real deal.'
'This is a jumper.... It doesn't jump.'
'Wayne Rooney!'
(a tweet): 'hmmm I love my baby nandos :) x'
'Vas happenin mum? Vas happenin Mick (Jagger)?'
(on strange rumors): 'I was dead once...twice.'
'I'm an eighth Belgium!'
'It was an expensive boat, but we did steal it, so.'
'We love it when Harry's naked!'
'I don't want to date a model because models are perfect and perfect is boring.'
'I love pints, I love pints!'
'Man, you've got luscious lips!'
'I would a, either be a Power Ranger, or if it comes to heroes, I'd be the Incredible Hulk.'
'I would probably do like a triple-backflip.'
'Juggling with phones and wallet.'
'Oh grandma, what's my name?'
'Mary?...She's mine.... SHE'S MINE!'
'I'm as terrifying as a...as a...baby penguin?'
(on the Hunger Games): 'Is the concept that you have to fight while being hungry? Like, are you still hungry while you're fighting?'
'Trouser, trouser, trouser...Right in the balls! That's what I'm talking about!'
'As for you, stop having curly hair!'
'If I wasn't in the band, I reckon I'd be a virgin.'
'She makes me wanna oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohohoh...'
'If I weren't in the band, I'd be an English teacher.'
'I'm absolutely freezing...my peanuts off.'
'Tell us about your mum, Harry.'
'And I'd marry you, Harry, cause it rhymes...'
'Ice cream very loudly!'
'I heard Barack's a party animal.'
'I broke a pencil in half!'
'Ugh, Head and Shoulders, please!'
QuoteBand Member
'Finding a ham and cheese sandwich with a good ham to cheese ratio is always tricky.'
'Well...it's a man's world.'
'1, 2, 3...7!'
'I am quite handy with a kazoo...'
'I'm a big fat idiot!'
'Niall can be really scared by thunder storms....So...we all four sneak into his bed and cuddle him.'
'Two directions...that was not funny.'
'I can wrap a present...'
'What is porn?'
'I love with my heart, not my eyes.'
'I wear two pairs of socks every day.'
'It's not nice when they pull your hair.'
'We're not robots. We have feelings; we, we go through things, too.'
'Oh, not you again. Go away.'
'Niall is obsessed with Barack Obama.'
'My pants will fall down when, if, I farted!'
'Liam Payne!!!...and Zayn 'overweight' Malik!!!'
'He's just upset because I put mayonnaise in his shoes.'
'Send your C-Section (our direction)'
'I wish I had a girl to cuddle up to at night, rather than my pillow.'
'Harry's fans are so hardcore, you won't believe.'
'What's up, dawg?'
'I'm being slowly seduced by your curls.'
'I have plans to rap on a future 1D track, so....'
'The Cheetah Girls.'
'Holy fuc-dgecakes.... Holy fudgecakes!'
'Got the th-th-thesaurus!'
'Hi, I'm (his name) and I have TWO kidneys!'
'Ah! Salt in my eye!'
'I don't think The Notebook is that great.'
(in reply to 'A girl once showed her breasts!'): 'We loved it!'
'...cause pizza is nicer....'
'What's a bucket list?'
'I'm known as the more mature one.'
'Since when are wrinkles hot?'
'Niall once had a dream that all the food in the world was gone and he woke up crying.'
'I like muffins, but I think they're just ugly cupcakes.'
'They can't hesitate, they can't laugh, and if I think it's wrong, it's wrong!'
'I hate dancing and I've never done it before and I just feel like an idiot.'
(if he had one day to live, he'd): 'Surf!...See my family, as well...'
'The vainest contestant in the house is Zayn Malik.'
'Simple, but effective....'
'I really like white, fluffy sheep.'
'Clearly, Liam doesn't have a favorite song. Mine, however, is 'Who Let the Dogs Out'''
(on the nicest thing something has done for him): 'Kiss my face!'
'Oh my god man. Oh my god dude.'
'I'm putting my hat on, what the hell does it look like?...oh, god.'
'I have a strange fear of spoons.'
'I did not have a passport before One Direction.'
'That's a very interesting question...attacked by angry birds!'
'It's been years and years since I've pulled out the...Superman card, if you will.'
'You horrible man!'
'If I was a food, I'd be a Rogan Josh!'
'Two Mars Bars for a euro!'
'With my knowledge and understanding of the football game, I feel like I should be a lot better at football.'
'We get paid in chocolate covered peanuts!'
'ummm...looking for the remote...'
'My first celebrity crush was J-Lo. Who can resist that bum?'
'Intelligence is sexy.'
'I don't think any of them would be a bad boyfriend...'
'I really fancy Susan Boyle.'
'I'm the Irish one.'
'I'd be a birthday cake because I'd have a year before I got eaten.'
'I'm a very protective boyfriend, yes.'
'I'm tired and it's winter!'
'I'm a massive softy!'
'Send your collection our direction!'
'My mum got pushed over by a pink power ranger!'
'Oh my god, let's go surfing! Oh my god, this is great!'
'I'm left handed, I play the guitar right handed.'
'Harry once shaved his initials into my legs!'
'Echo, echo, echo!'
'I don't wear socks.'
'Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fun-guy!'
'I'd date a fan, as long as she didn't scream in my face.'
''No' Jimmy protested.'
'I threw a TV out the window when I was six years old.'
'I'd pose naked for a hundred quid.'
QuoteBand Member
'I love Big Red Bus!'
'I asked her out...by singing to her. She dumped me the next day.'
'Fluffy, was it?'
'I really fancy Katy Perry.'
'A triangle!'
'I can't help but look into the crowd to see if I can see my future wife.'
'Sounds corny, but it's my thing.'
'Here's a coin. Keep the change, you filthy animal!'
'I used to have an imaginary friend, called Michael.'
'...turning the page is the best feeling in the world because you realize there's so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on.'
'Do you think anyone knows I'm Irish?'
'What did you call the cat again?...You called it a pussy, didn't you?'
'Fans always ask me to marry them, so I'm going to have a lot of wives.'
'Get out of my kitchen!'
'Someone's just eating CocoPuffs at the moment, and that's from Mrs. Lou Tomlinson. Oh, your wife!'
'You may not be plastic, but you're fantastic! Never forget that.'
'My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson.'
'We don't take showers!'
'Sorry lads. Just a few technical difficulties.'
'No, get off! This woman is trying to steal our award!'
'I'm a song!'
'I would date a fan, but she has to love me for me, not because I'm in One Direction.'
'It's all your fault, Paul!'
'I do have quite a lot of hair.'
'Nobody wants to see that.... Do you?'
'I'm most likely to do nudity.'
'Three bananas for a euro.'
'We've been pulled over cause we were driving too slow!'
'Will you marry me?'
'We're the four best friends!'
'Sleep 'til you're hungry, eat 'til you sleep.'
'Tourist t-shirts.'
'Pixie Lott, because she's hot.'
'Step one: put your dick in a box.'
'We love each other and we're gonna live happily ever after!'
'Direction One!'
'Anyone who is funny and doesn't take herself too seriously is attractive to me.'
'I'd probably be Susan Boyle....cause, um, you know, she's a good dancer.'
'That's why I chose the back row of the cinema!'
'If he's a bit tired, I'll go behind and push him along.'
'Well, judging by my eyebrows, mine would be quite huge!'
'We owe all of our career to electricity!'
'Our stylist wants me to do a shoot in a mankini. I'm up for that.'
'I told Liam I was gonna go to his house and then I never did. And now he doesn't like me.'
'Let's do this poo!'
'The girls were lovely in the video!'
'Vas happenin!'
'I like girls who eat carrots!'
'I like rabbits!'
'AHH! The light!'
'It's all about the bromances!'
'I haven't got insurance.'
'I'd be invisible.'
'My worst habit is getting naked all the time.'
'Harry's nudity is contagious!'
'Harry's outside pelting snowballs. What he doesn't know is there's a door in the way, and windows, and he can't get me.'
'The next shot, why don't we just dive off?'
'I want a simple bride that would lie under the stars with me.'
'Zayn can make a girl faint just by looking at her. He truly is a power ranger!'
'Being single doesn't mean you're weak, it means that you're strong enough to wait for what you deserve.'
'I think it's cute when girls sneeze.'
'Wrong answer!'
'It's not our interview, but I'm gonna butt in, anyway.'
'We believe in you, old chaps!'
'Yeah, usually you can hear me before you see me.'
'If you liked it, don't come back.'
'I have a picture on my nightstand with me and Harry.'
'I'm a Bradford badboy, yo!'
'Connie, do the washing up!'
'I split my trousers!'
'Did you swallow a dictionary on the way over here?'
'A Barney-themed tune.'
'We're all just normal people...' (Harry then slaps him)
'What, like it's a war between McDonald's employees? Like, 'Get me the Big Mac?''
'I've got four nipples.'
'Eat more Wagon Wheels!'
'Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain.'
'You pet the dog, you screw the lightbulb, and then you just go crazy!'
'Howdy! Guess what? I got my first bra!'

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