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A criminal wanted by the law turns a helpless young woman into a thief.
A monarch deals out justice by simply ordering decapitation. She always gets her way.
A girl who has had to work for everything in her life, is cursed by a powerful sorcerer and a philandering prince.
A woman kidnaps a child and keeps her trapped in a cabin guarded by two, hungry gators.
A woman tries to kill a baby and spends 16 years trying to succeed.
An evil woman imprisons a young girl in a tower.
A woman forces her step-child to be an unwilling slave for her two grotesque offspring.
A deranged woman's main goal in life is to skin and torture the title characters.
A young girl is chased by wolves. Suffers imprisonment and gains stockholm syndrome for her captor.
A priest locks a deformed child in a church, while he comes to terms with his lust for a vagrant.
Lonely old man makes friend out of wood. Believes it communicates with him.
A young girl leaves home for a much older man at the prompting and manipulation of female con-artist. Believes that all she's good for is a pretty face and a nice body
An envious male murders his own blood relative and manipulates a child into believing he (the child) did it.
Man has to travel to hell to save the woman he loves.
A brutal and heartless man comes to a nation and orders the locals murdered in pursuit of his own greed.
A woman is plagued by a power that threatens everyone around her.
An insecure and deeply resentful woman takes advice from a talking reflection of herself
A boy kidnaps a young girl and her brothers.He throws them into the clutches of swashbuckler that lives on an island with teenage boys

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