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I am in seat S and you are in seat T, left of me.
Moesha stole doughnuts and Keri Ann took a cruller!
Know what would be pleasant? A few more random words. Like insipid.
At the luau, I collected the most limbo stones for bending lowest.
How come sand is in my hair?
That butter knife is so dull I couldn't cut air.
Iman's plane is at the airport, landing as we speak.
The algebra teacher used a chart for discussing formulas.
Excuse the mess on my duvet; we are attempting to renovate the bedroom.
There is ham, pepperoni, and salami amid the veggies on my sub.
The use of sacrament oils is an enigma to me. Explain.
The final was between Oliver and Randall as usual.
Colombo is everyone's favorite tv detective. In a coat. I think.
That nomad is on a camel and hurrying this way. Let's run.
Hong Kong airport is at Lantau Island rather than Kowloon now.
If you lay three tens, can I put my jacks on them and win the hand?
Hiram's menagerie is crowded now.
Summer is always most humid between August and September.
I am not really buff; a lot of my bulk is only extra flab.
Sign, stamp, and mail this letter for me in the morning, please.

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