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Can you name the Person who killed each of the following characters in Spartacus?

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WhoKillerHow they died
Varinius Pushed in the way of a flaming boulder fired by a catapult
NumeriusKilled in revenge, for ordering her husbands death
DonarKilled fighting a Roman after being captured
Auctus Killed in the arena
OenomausKilled in battle fighting alongside his closet friend Gannicus
AshurDefeated and decapitated in single combat
TulliusStabbed severel times and buried alive within the new arena
TheokolesDecapitated in the arena after being blinded by Crixus
GaiaWas murdered at a party, being used as a message to Lucretia
SedullusKIlled as he attempted to kill Agron
LucretiaFell to her death from the top of the cliff
The Gargan TwinsKilled in the arena
BarcaMurderd for betraying this person although this was proven to be false
HilarusIs killed in single combat fighting for the chance of freedom.
GlaberKilled fighting his arch enemy in battle
NaeviaKilled trying to kill her killer but is easily defeated
SeppiusKilled so his rival could take contol of his men. Throat crushed.
SeppiaKilled while attempting to murder Glaber
HectorDecapitated for losing his gate key
NemetesKIlled pleading for his life
VarroKilled by his friend after being ordered to
AureliaTortured and died of wounds.
The EgyptianKilled in battle by having his skull smashed in
HeracleoStabbed through the neck after attempting to kill sibyl
LiciniaHas her head bashe of the ground several times.
DaganKIlled fighinting in the Primus
SextusUsed as a shield for Batiatus
CrixusCrixus was about to kill Caesar, then was stabbed in the back then executed in front of Naevia
LugoKilled in the final battle while engulfed in flames
WhoKillerHow they died
IlithyiaDied of her wounds after her child was cut from her womb
OvidiusMurderd after being interrogated by Batiatus
SpartacusIs about to deal killing blow to Crassus, but then is impaled by several spears
AlbiniusHis head is crushed by a large wooden beam
MiraKilled in battle by a thrown axe meant for Spartacus
Titus Lentulus BatiatusPoisoned
CaburusKIlled in the primus of the opening games of the new arena
MelittaAccidently poisoned
SuraMurderd at the command of Batiatus as he feared Spartacus would try to escape if they were reunited
LiscusStabbed in the back during a skirmish with Roman soldiers escaping from the mines
CastusKilled in the final battle
SoloniusDies laughing realising his rivals fate
DionaExecuted in the arena
GnaeusThrown from the cliff top
MarcusMurderd for not ordering a retreat
CossiniusBe-headed after his surrender was refused
DuroKilled saving his brother Agron's life
IndusHas his throat slit under orders from batiatus, for fear of being recognized by Vettius
OpiousKilled in single combat by his successor as Doctore
CossutiusImpaled by a spear meant fr Glaber
SaxaKilled in the final battle
BatiatusHad his throat slashed during the Gladiator revolt
TiberiusStabbed in stomach as Spartacus is about to make a trade with Caesar
PericlesKilled in the arena, on his killers return to it
Lucius CaeliusKilled holding back Glaber's men allowing the rebels time to escape
Titus CalaviusMurderd at the command of Batiatus
PietrosFound in his chambers by Spartacus
SegovaxIs cruicified for trying to kill Spartacus.

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