Name the character that each pair of actors played.

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Can you name the Name the role that these actors/actresses shared.?

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Richard Harris & Michael Gambon
John Wayne & Jeff Bridges
Marlon Brando & Robert De Niro
Russell Crowe & Kevin Costner
Katie Holmes & Maggie Gyllenhaal
Daniel Craig & Sean Connery
Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger
Alec Guinness & Ewan McGregor
Richard Roundtree & Samuel L. Jackson
Richard Gere & Ioan Gruffudd
Edward Furlong & Nick Stahl
Terrence Howard & Don Cheadle
Christopher Reeve & Brandon Routh
Michael Keaton & Christian Bale
Gary Oldman & Richard Roxburgh
Dustin Hoffman & Jason Isaacs
Charlie Sheen & Jeremy Irons
Richard Egan & Gerard Butler
Ian McKellen & Michael Fassbender
Sienna Guillory & Diane Kruger

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