Game of thrones who killed me ?

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Who killed these game of thrones characters ? Potential spoilers

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ShaeStrangled with the chain of office
OrellKilled in a small skirmish outside a windmill
Mandon MooreKilled at the battle of Blackwater attempting to kill Tyrion
Eddard StarkExecuted by beheading at Sept of Baelor
RosShot to death by crossbow
LockeKilled while trying to make of with Bran
Robb StarkMurdered at the Red Wedding
MycahRode down and nearly cut in two at the behest of Joffrey
MagoKilled in single combat
Vardis EgenKilled in a trial by combat, he fought with honour his opponent did not
The Spice King Murdered at the 13's council chambers
PolliverKilled at an inn during brutal bar fight
Catelyn StarkMurdered at the Red Wedding
KarlKilled in single combat after being distracted
Lommy GreenhandsKilled as he was injured
YgritteShot through the heart at the battle if castle black
Viserys TargaryenHe got his golden crown
RastKilled running away from a rasters keep
Rhaegar TargaryenKilled in a famous duel between two great warriors at the battle of the trident
QothoKilled in single combat
YorenKilled fighting many Lannister soldiers
Lysa ArrynPushed out the moon door and falls to her death
Jojen ReedMercy killing after being fatefully wounded
Qhorin HalfhandOrdered his killer to kill him to infiltrate the wildling camp
PyparShot through the neck while defending castle black
Jeor MormontKilled during the mutiny at crafters keep
WillExecuted for desertion from the nights watch
LadyExecuted at the behest of Cersei
Rodrick Cassel Captured than executed (badly) as an example to the rest of Winterfell
Jory CasselKilled in a skirmish outside littlifingers brothel
Amory LorchKilled by a poison dart
Tywin LannisterShot twice with crossbow while on toilet
Torrhen KarstarkMurdered so his killer might escape
GrennKilled off screen defending the tunnel to Castle Black
LuwinMercy killing was already mortally wounded
Rickard KarstarkExecuted for treason
Khal DrogoMercy killing as his life was nothing
Jon ArrynPoisoned offscreen
Oberyn MartellKilled in a trial by combat fighting for Tyrion Lannister
CrasterKilled in his own keep which started the mutiny
Mag the mightyKilled off screen attacking the tunnel to Castle Black
Syrio ForelKilled defending Arya Stark
Styr the magnar of thennHas his skull caved in with a hammer

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