A Song of Ice an Fire Kingsguard

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Can you name the These members of the Kingsguard past and present?

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Sent to Dorne with he skull of Ser Gregor Clegane
The Green Oak
The Dragonknight
A former sellsword, agent of Littlefinger
A coward
Deadliest of the Kingsguard at his time the Sword of Morning
Rumoured To actually be the re-animated body of Gregor Clegane
Sent to Dorne with Princess Myrcella
Is used to beat Sansa Stark
Known for his dark humour
Only member of the Kingsguard ever to be removed from his post due to age
The Pale Griffin
The Kingmaker
Fought against the Black Dragon at the battle of Redgrass Field
The Hound
The White Owl
The White Bull
The Kingslayer
Died only an hour after being raised to the Kingsguard
Attempted to assassinate Tyrion Lannister at the battle of Blackwater
Killed by rioters in Kings Landing
Died fighting his Brother Ser Arryk
Knight of Flowers
A great knight but terrible Hand of the King

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