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Can you name the four letter words ending in 'X' or 'Z'?

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Ms Kingston: ER and Dr Who actress
Egyptian seaport city (and canal)
Saddam Hussein adviser: Tariq
Famous London hotel
The noise of champagne
Contract a muscle
Wild mountain goat
Short-tailed wildcat
Perfumes: ____ de toilette
A state of uncertainty
To deceive or trick
Greek mythological river
US bullion depository: Fort ___
White crystalline oxide (Quicklime)
What you are doing
Seductive woman
Communist Manifesto author
Not genuine or real
Norman surname prefix: 'son of'
Person who brings bad luck
The highest point (of something)
The most important point
A 'Town criers' favorite word !
Large horned African antelope
Southern US musical style
The sound of a bee
Adolescent facial hair
Slang plural for movies
Widely cultivated textile fibre
A thickening used in sauces
'Collateral' and 'Ray' actor Jamie
Cameron or Bartholomew
Greek hero or dutch football team
Semi-precious variety of agate
A New York stock exchange
influence by gentle persuasion

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