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I T _ _ _ _ _
From Rome or Milan 
Sloping letters or characters 
Having a desire to scratch 
Include on a list 
Traveling from place to place 
Do (something) repeatedly 
_ I T _ _ _ _
Fortress near a fortified city 
Native member of a state 
A room for preparing meals 
Metallic element (atomic # 3) 
Three little kittens' handware 
Baseball position 
Not standing 
Passenger liner (1912) 
B12 for example 
One who testifies under oath 
_ _ I T _ _ _
Stir up public opinion 
The 'B' of GB 
Easily cracked or fractured 
Inscription on a tomb 
Copy someone's behavior 
Not this one or the other 
Move like a snake 
Online social networking site 
'I Will Always Love You' singer 
Meaningful letters or characters 
_ _ _ I T _ _
Cast an enchanting spell over 
Main city of a country 
Wristwatch (not analogue) 
In an aroused state 
Relating to external sex organs 
Animals natural environment 
Caretaker of a building 
The largest planet  
Small in range or scope 
Someone who betrays country 
House caller 
_ _ _ _ I T _
Provision of relief to the poor 
Having wide-ranging knowledge 
Hard igneous rock 
Excess accumulation of body fat 
A company's financial gains 
State of being actual or true 
The ______ of Hormuz 
Ant-like social insect 
Father, Son and Holy Ghost  
Water Works/Electric Company 
_ _ _ _ _ I T
To gain advantage 
A 'cookie' in the UK 
Lap of a racetrack 
Initial payment on property 
Largest city in Michigan 
To show in a gallery 
Penalty for a wrongdoing 
Forbidden by law 
Receive in a will 
Litigation to redress a grievance 
Recently conscripted soldier 

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