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The Beatles 1968 release
They help the body fight infection (leukocytes)
Loaf made from bleached wheat flour
Hamburger restaurant chain or chess piece
What the Milky Bar Kid advertises
Snow on the 25th of December
Salaried professional or clerical worker
Faint star of enormous density
Valuable possession that proves troublesome
1906 novel by Jack London
Symbol of cowardice
Cloth that is hoisted to signal surrender
Large electrical home appliances
Residence and office of the US President
Whakaari, NZ active stratovolcano
Company that is a friendly acquirer in takeover
Nerve-wracking amusement park ride
Harmless or trivial fib
Illicit homemade whiskey
Stripes in the middle of a road
Sorcery used only for good purposes
Tissue of the Central Nervous System
Alloy (often of lead or tin base)
New Hampshire range
Famous river that flows NE to Khartoum
Sound containing many equal intensities
Heavy, hard, light-colored wood
Pungent condiment (Piper nigrum)
Chess piece or Lewis Carroll character
Person in a hurry or Lewis Carroll character
Second largest land mammal
Starchy food with the hull and bran removed
Heraldic device of the Tudor 'House of York'
Vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream
Milk thickened with a butter and flour roux
Landlocked inlet off the coast of Russia
Chicago Major League Baseball team
US garage rock band
Valuable source of caviar and isinglass
Purified crystalline sucrose
Zadie Smith novel or the aim of your dentist
Large feline with white fur instead of orange
Offensive term for impoverished caucasians
Highly valued underground fungus
Acidic liquid produced from ethanol
Game of Thrones mythological race
Cover up a misdemeanor, fault, or error
Billy Idol's cause for celebration
Pinot blanc or Soave perhaps
Arctic predatory carnivorous canine

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