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Can you name the US politicians contained in this 4-letter ladder?

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President George H. W. ____ 1989-93
Perform music in a public place for money
Dean ____: Sec. of State 1961-69
Parker Brothers strategic board game
Governor of Texas: ____ Perry 2000-
Condoleezza ____: Sec. of State 2005-09
Cut (vegetables) into small cubes
Mussolini: Il ____
Purplish brown/red color
Having no faults; sinless
Noise made by a contented cat
Aaron ____ US Vice President 1801–05
Reynolds or Lancaster
Politician Stupak or Homer's son
Tasting sour like a lemon
President William ____ 1909–1913
Blow gently like a breeze
How Mr Disney is better known
Narrow raised surface on the skin
Open river valley (in a hilly area)
Bob ____ Kansas US Senator 1969–96
Cabbage with coarse curly leaves
Having low or inadequate warmth
Flexible string made from twisted strands
President Gerald ____ 1974-77
Divide into two or more branches
Meat from a hog or a pig
President James ____ 1845–49
Counting of votes (in an election)
Draw or haul toward oneself
Cordell ____: Sec. of State 1933-1944
Building used for meetings or concerts
Greet enthusiastically or joyfully
Alexander ____ Sec. of State 1981-82
Be suspended or poised above
50% of Chinese Special Administrative Region
Huey ____ Louisiana senator 1932-35
Lacking companionship
No longer present; departed.
Al ____ US Vice President 1993–2001
One who is dull and uninteresting
US audio equipment maker
Informal empty or meaningless talk
President George W. ____ 2001-09

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