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ClueUn wordUn-
US Terrorist Ted Kaczynski's nicknameUna
M. Night Shyamalan 'durable' 2000 movieUnb
Buck, Vanya or TomUnc
Where to find the London 'Tube'Und
UN agency promoting international collaborationUne
1992 Oscar Best Picture WinnerUnf
Hoofed mammal such as horse, cow, deerUng
:( Unh
States, Kingdom or Arab EmiratesUni
Lacking authorization: not warrantedUnj
X + Y = ?Unk
Not legal - illicitUnl
Absolute - utter - complete (disaster)Unm
ClueUn wordUn-
Redundant - superfluousUnn
Breaking with convention or traditionUno
Eric Clapton live albumUnp
Not competent or sufficiently knowledgeableUnq
When you love someone but they don't love youUnr
What you must do to an anagramUns
Eliot Ness's Prohibition agentsUnt
Only Tom Jones thinks its quite normalUnu
Not capable of succeeding, esp financially Unv
Not giving way to pressureUny
Decompress (a file)Unz

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