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Updated Aug 21, 2012

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Oh my God! **** killed Kenny! (South Park)
Watery part of milk
Sharpen by rubbing
What you see is **** you get! (The Flip Wilson Show)
Is **** your final answer? (Who Wants to be a Millionaire)
From which the young suckle milk
Darjeeling and Lapsang
Grassy fields
***'* be careful out there (Hill Street Blues)
Gambles on the outcome
Gershwin's partner for Porgy
Mom always liked you **** (The Smothers Brothers)
Pause for relaxation
Payment by a tenant
Talk in a noisy manner
You ****? (The Addams Family)
Auld ---- Syne
Live **** and prosper (Star Trek)
Without a companion
Fail to win (or draw)
Oh, my ****! (The Brady Bunch)
Up your nose with a rubber **** (Welcome Back, Kotter)
Hollowed depression
**** ______, Batman! (Batman)
Have in one's grip
Precious metal
Say **** night, Gracie (The Burns & Allen Show)
Peter Sellers was one
Long flowing garment
Come on ****! (The Price is Right)
How you ****? (Friends)
Bring together
Good night, **** Boy (The Waltons)
'Walking in Memphis' Singer Mark
Tall cereal grass
Central part of the Earth
Just one **** thing (Columbo)
A pool or lake
****'s Johnny! (The Tonight Show)
Past tense of are
**'** got a really big show! (The Ed Sullivan Show)
Marry a woman
Use of tricks to deceive someone
We are two **** and crazy guys! (Saturday Night Live)
Join together by heating
****, isn't that special? (Saturday Night Live)
**** me what you don't like about yourself (Nip/Tuck)
Cash register
Danger, **** Robinson! (Lost in Space)
Beak, as of a bird
Pod or capsule of a plant
Move or jump suddenly
Whatchoo talkin' ****, Willis? (Diff'rent Strokes)
Protective footgear
**** 'em, Danno (Hawaii Five-O)
You **** 'mahvelous!' (Saturday Night Live)
Fastener fitted to a door
**** it to me (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In)
Open-air Arabian market
No **** for you! (Seinfeld)
Substance used for washing
Strike with the palm of the hand
Put to death
Participate in sport
I love it when a **** comes together (The A-Team)

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