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Take up residence and become established
Baby's toy
Common fabric used in clothing
″ ″ ″ ″ indicating repetition
More advantageous
Improved in health or physical condition
Containing more moisture
Despicable cad
US general; known as Old Blood and Guts
The second of two or the second mentioned
Divulge information: ______ tattle
Acquired as in 'ill ______ gains'
Domestic hen or one who poses for a portrait
In good health: In fine ______
Small piece of cloth or paper
Talk casually about unimportant matters
Complain in a low and indistinct tone
Rubbish carelessly dropped
Palms used for wickerwork and furniture
Slang term for eccentric or crazy person
Projected out (like a rock)
Walk unsteadily like a small child
Container (often glass) for storing drinks
Actor Timothy or actress/model Lauren
Having a higher temperature than
Glove that encases the thumb separately
Having indentations on the surface
Electrical switch you can press
Sailing vessel with a single mast (or knife)
Pancake mixture

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