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Can you name the people by their nicknames?

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The GreatestA
The Man of a Thousand VoicesB
The Comeback KidC
The People's PrincessD
The Wizard of Menlo ParkE
The People's TycoonF
The Teflon DonG
The Master of SuspenseH
The TerribleI
The Maid of OrleansJ
The Man of Steel*K
The Sun KingL
The Brockton BomberM
The Bloody CzarN
The Father of the Atom BombO
The First Lady of Civil RightsP
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame*Q
The Mad MonkR
The Waltz KingS
The Iron LadyT
The Golden ArmU
The Grandmother of EuropeV
The ConquerorW
The GreatX
The Czar (or Czar Boris)Y
The Flashing Blade*Z

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