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Can you name the things with ST somewhere in them (be warned this product may contain Christian names)?

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Most Populated Countries
Least Populated Countries
The Highest Grossing Films
Best selling music artists
The capital cities of Europe
Premiership football teams
NBA teams (city names included)
The Members of The Beatles
Oscar winners best actress
Pokémon Characters (Generation 1)
Shakespearean comedies
Astronauts who went to the moon
World Heritage Sites in the USA
NHL teams (city names included)
MLB teams (city names included)
Highest and lowest globally
NFL teams (city names included)
Pixar films
Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals
Heads of government at the Yalta conference
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
American President (Christian name)
A State of the United States of America
Battle of the Little Bighorn event
One of the seven deadly sins

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